Warrior Professional Foosball Table review (Latest 2020)

The foosball table is one of the best indoor games. The foosball table is very famous in the USA. People love to spend on playing the foosball table. The foosball table is the best point for getting the attraction of the people. 

People love to play the foosball table on the weekends with family and friends. The foosball table is the most demanding indoor game and also played at the international level. There are many companies in the USA such as KICK, Warrior, and many companies manufacturing the Foosball tables.

The Warrior is the best company for the manufacturing of the Foosball table. The reason is very clear the Warrior professional foosball table is using for the official tournaments. In this article, I will guide you to everything about the Warrior professional foosball table. Read the full article and get to know how cool Warrior Foosball table is.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table review


Warrior is the certified and premium foosball table manufacturer in the USA. The employees of the Warrior company are really professional and manufacture durable foosball tables. 

Besides the Warrior company organizing the foosball tournament in the USA, and exhibition matches all over the world. Obviously, they are manufacturing amazing and strong foosball tables, but the tables are also at affordable prices. 

They are shipping the foosball table to every area of the USA. They have an amazing collection of foosball tables with amazing features, but you can also get the custom table according to your wish. 

You can also get the spare parts of the Warrior professional foosball table from the warrior certified shops.

Design of Warrior Professional Foosball Table:

Best Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is designed very beautifully and with a high clean structure. The weight of the table is 200 lbs so the player of every age can play this foosball table. 

There is a ball return system through which the ball moves to the center without any hose. This is the tournament official table, according to the size of 56 x 30 x 36 (inches). For making the balance of the table the swivel base is used. 

The swivel has a 5-inch rubber base; it prevents the table from movement during play. You can also customize the height of the table for the convenient play. 

The premium quality bearings used in this table which helps in making fast and clear shots to the goal. The premium bearings also help in the installation of rods and handles. The high-quality steel rods are used in this foosball table.

Features of Warrior Professional Foosball Table;

The following are the features you will find in the Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Easy to Assemble

The best thing about the Warrior Professional Foosball table is it is easy to assemble. You can assemble in hardly 25 minutes with simple tools. You don’t need to use complex tools.

Pro and High-Quality Table

This is a Pro Foosball table with 5-inch swivel base support, which is enough to prevent the table from unwanted movement during gameplay.

Construct with Solid Material

The warrior foosball table is manufactured with high-quality material. It is used for the tournaments then obviously it is the durable table. The ball return system is amazing; the ball automatically channels to the center of the field without any hose.

Safe Game Play

It has a Rod Guard System which makes it safe for adults and kids. Sometimes players get injured from the rod, so the Rod guard system protects the players.

Used as Official Tournament Table

The Warrior Foosball table is certified with the ISTF & USTSF, the weight is 200 lbs, and the height is ideal for the professional players, and the dimension is 56 x 30 x 36 (inches). In short, it is a complete professional table.


If you take a look at the picture of the foosball table, the surface of the field seems like a professional soccer ground. On the field you can see the goals are on both sides, penalty area and the surface is green like a soccer field. When you will play foosball on this table you will feel like you are playing professional soccer.


The Warrior professional foosball table is used for the tournaments, so the Warrior company never compromises on the quality of the table. The table is manufactured with high-quality material and a swivel base of 5 inches used for maintaining the balance. 

The premium bearings used for the rods mounting. This will help you to make a clear and perfect shot to the goal. It is certified with the ITSF and USTF which is the witness of its high quality.

Rod Guard System

Sometimes players get hurt from the rods during play which creates a great interruption in gameplay. The Warrior company has installed the Rod Guard system in the table which plays a dual role. The first makes the rods fast-moving and rotating. 

The second is it safes the adults and kids from the injury. This thing you will find only in the Warrior Football table in the market. This is why this table is used for professional gameplay.


Hardly you required only 25 to 30 minutes to assemble the Warrior professional foosball table. You don’t need to use any heavy and complex tools for assembling this foosball table. Just use the simple tools for assembling.

Maintenance Kit

You will also get the Maintenance kit along with the Foosball table. In the maintenance kit, you will find the lubricant oil, some simple tools for assembling the table. The parts of the foosball are easy to detach, so in case any part got damaged you can easily replace the part. 

The spare parts of the table you can easily find in the markets of the USA. There are Many warriors certified distributors available in the market.


The Warrior offers a lifetime warranty on its product. But there are few policies on the warranty claim.

  •   The damaged part cannot claim in the warranty.
  •   The warranty can be claimed within the USA only.
  •   You can claim the warranty if rods, bearings, rods guard, and the table is not balancing properly.


The weight of the product is 200 lbs or 192 pounds. The field dimension is 56 x 30 x 36 (inches). The weight and the dimension are according to the standard of ITSF and USTSF.

  • Used as an official tournament table.
  • Rods Guard prevents the player from getting injured.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Not a good choice for the beginners.

Reason to Choose this Foosball Table:

There are lots of reasons those will attract and convince you to buy this foosball table. Some of the major reasons are mentioned below.

  • The table is according to standards, so it is approved and certified by ISTF and USTSF.
  • The table is made up of strong and durable wood, so it will stay with you for the long term.
  • It does not require much complexity to assemble. Just simple tools required and it will assemble in 25 minutes.
  • It is safe for the players. It has a Rod Guard system that will protect the player from getting injured from the rods.
  • It has an amazing ball return system. The ball will automatically channel to the center without any hose.
  • The lifetime warranty will be offered on the Warrior Professional foosball table. But the warranty can claim within the USA.

Buying Guide:

Why Should You Buy This Table?

Well if you read the review of the product, then you will get your answer immediately. The foosball table is a perfect choice for the foosball players. You will get the environment like you are playing soccer in real life. 

The Warrior Professional foosball table is used as the official tournament table, and certified with ISTF and USTSF. So I don’t think you required any more reason for why you should buy this table. Trust me if you buy this foosball you will never regret your decision.

Which Player to Buy This Foosball Table?

Well, this foosball table is certified from ISTF and USTSF, and used for the official tournaments. Of course, this foosball table is the perfect choice for the professional foosball player, but the other players can also play on this foosball table.

This foosball is enough to study and durable so kids and adults both play this foosball table. There is a Rod guard system installed in this table so you will never get hurt from this table.


How many dummy players available in this foosball table?

This is the professional foosball table, so you will get 22 dummy players, 11 players on each side including goalie. There will be a (3:3:4:1) player’s formation.

I hope you liked this article, and it will help you a lot in buying the warrior foosball table if you are interested in buying. The reviews and buying guidelines mentioned here after getting the comments and reviews of the people those already playing the warrior foosball table.  In summary, this foosball table is really worth it. This amazing foosball table is available at affordable prices, and you can experience professional gameplay. It has a guard that protects you from getting injured.  The assembling of the warrior professional foosball table is very easy and can assemble in 25 minutes.  You will get the lifetime warranty along with this foosball, that you can only claim within the USA. You will also provide the maintenance kit for maintaining the appearance of the foosball table.

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