Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review( Latest 2020)

The foosball game is the most played indoor game in the USA. People love to play foosball games on the weekends. The foosball table can be of different types. The most common and popular table is a mini top foosball table

But in the market now there are many other types of foosball tables. The Tornado Sport Foosball table is one of the new version foosball tables in the market. The sport foosball table is climbing to popularity day by day. 


Foosball is a very famous indoor game, and I personally love to play this game at home. This is why I thought to share my experience and reviews with you. Currently, I have a Tornado Sport Foosball Table at my place so that I will review this foosball table with you.

This review will cover all things such as design, features, pros, cons and so on. The main focus will be on the capabilities and features of the Tornado Foosball table

The review tornado foosball table will clear everything. I hope you will find every information you are looking for. Of course, you will get help in making a decision whether you want to buy this foosball table or not.


Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table was manufactured in 2010, and replaced with Whirlwind foosball table. This foosball table is perfect for the people that want to learn how to play foosball. This foosball table is not designed for professional purposes. 

This foosball table is made with strong wood. In this, you will get adjustable leg levellers, thicker cabinet construction, and wooden handles. The new version of tornado sports foosball table allows you to have more control on the ball. The goal shooting is more clear in this table. 

The thinner inner bearings do not let the ball to pass through between the dummy player and wall. There are a total of 8 handles and rods in it. 4 handles and rods for each player. There are a total of 13 players on each side.


The Tornado Sport Foosball table consists of lots of features. It is the perfect choice for the starter player. The features of this foosball table will surely convince you to buy this table.


This foosball table is highly durable. Well, it is not flashy, but it is manufactured with high-quality material. The cabinets of this table are 1 inch thick, and this is why it is sturdy and durable. The Tornado Sport Foosball table is manufactured in the United States of America, and this table is very famous among the people. 

Because of its durability, there is no age restriction for this foosball table. The age of any player can play this game. The handles and rods are very soft to rotate for the children and enough sturdy for the man’s play. Of course, its durability is the biggest strength, and this is why it will stay with you for long.

Playing Field Thickness

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Playing Field

The playing surface of this foosball table is designed according to the standard size. The Tornado Sport Foosball table has a thick body. The cabinets are 1 inch thick and durable. 

There are a total of 8 roads in the field of this foosball table. Total 26 dummy players are mounted on these 8 roads. 

There are 13 dummy players mounted on the 4 roads in the ratio of (3 – 2 – 5 – 3). The thinner inner bearings don’t allow the ball to pass through between the man and wall. There are many positive changes done in the new version of the table. The player can make a clear shot to the goal easily.

Playing Rods and Handles

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

The Tornado Sports Foosball table consists of 8 roads and handles. 4 rods and handles for each side. The 4 rods consist of 13 dummy players in the ratio of (3:2:5:3). 

The handles are made of wood and can grip tightly. The handles and rods are soft to rotate, and even children can play this game without applying much force. 

The children and adults can play this table at the same time. The handles and rods are much sturdy, and this is why it will last in the long term.

Game Play

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is heavy in weight, approximately 200 pounds. This provides excellent stability to the table in standing. This is the game in which the players can become more aggressive, so in this condition, the table will not move. 

For keeping the balance level on the surface, the legs are covered with shims and boots. The rods are hollow and lightweight, which makes the rotation easy. 

The experienced players will really enjoy this game, and the starters need to learn to rotate the rods fast. Unfortunately, this table soccer does offer counterbalanced players. The retrieval of the ball is somehow inconvenient because the ball returns to the ends of the table.


The table has a traditional look and is manufactured according to the standard foosball table. The surface of the field is green, and the dummy players have the yellow and black colour for sure black for one player and yellow for the other one. 

The boots in the legs and levellers make this foosball table more professional. In sum up, this table is very attractive, strong and durable for the perfect gameplay. It will easily fit in your room.


You will get the warranty of one year on Tornado Sport Foosball Table. This table is manufactured in the USA, so if you are in the USA, then you can claim for the warranty. There are a few conditions for claiming the warranty.

You should be present in the USA,

If any part of the table breaks then you can’t claim warranty, because the break of the part happened due to your fault.

If any part works poorly, for example, the rods and handles getting stuck during gameplay, then this is the legal issue, you can claim for the warranty, the team of the Tornado will reach your place and clear your issue.


The dimension of the Tornado Sport Foosball table is 56 x 30 x 36 (inches). The weight of this foosball table is 205 pound, and in shipping, the weight will be 230 points. The product can only deliver in the USA. This is the reason only USA citizens can claim the warranty.

  • Highly Durable and Sturdy
  • The rods and handles are very light and strong.
  • Highly Aesthetics
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Does not have counterweighted players.
  • The instructions for Assembling are unclear.

Buying Guide:

Who Should Buy?

This foosball does not have counterweighted players. It cannot be used for professional purposes. So the beginners should buy this foosball table. This does not mean the experienced players can’t play on this table. 

But much better if starter players play on this table. Well, this table is much sturdy and strong, so children and adults can play this game.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Worth the Money?

Well if we compare the features of the Tornado Sport Foosball Table to the price, the price is very fair. Actually the price is nothing against the features you will get in this foosball table. 

This is the perfect table for home enjoyment. Anyone can play this game. It can be the biggest fun in your weekend gathering.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Assembly Instructions:

Well, the instructions for assembling the Tornado Sport Foosball are somehow unclear. We recommend you call the professional for assembling the Tornado Foosball table. The parts of this table you can’t find in the local market. So to get this foosball table for gameplay, you need to be careful.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Parts & Accessories:

You will get the following parts and accessories along with Tornado Foosball Table

  •   8 rods and handles, 4 rods, and handles for each side.
  •   26 dumb players, 13 in yellow colour, and 13 in black colour.
  •   2 small soccer balls.
  •   Boots for the legs for no scratches on Floor.
Well, The Tornado Sport Foosball table is not for the professional play. But it can be great fun among the people gathering at your home. It is perfect for the person who wants to start playing foosball. You can enjoy this game with your family, friends and relatives.  The Tornado is the famous foosball brand so that you can trust them. The price of the sport foosball table is nothing against the features and accessories you will get along the foosball table. You will get the one-year warranty, so in case of any legal issue you can claim, but for this, you have to be a US citizen. If you purchase this foosball table, you will never regret your decision. 


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