Best 3 Foosball Coffee Table Review

Hey guys, if you are looking for a Foosball Coffee Table for your home, you are in the right place.

The foosball coffee table is an excellent choice for uncounted benefits. It combines the beauty of a coffee table with a foosball table.

It is not that easy to buy the right foosball table according to your desire and home style. It must be easy because there are very few models available in this category, but still, you have to know all the details about it before picking the foosball table.

Foosball tables are not just a game table; also, it is a coffee table, and it enhances the splendor of your home.

This game table looks fantastic in your living room, and having such a beautiful piece of furniture will catch your guest’s attention.

Top 3 Best Foosball Coffee Table Review

Here we have mentioned the top 5 highly recommended and positively reviewed best Foosball and Coffee Tables combination table review.

1.Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table

Best Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago gaming signature foosball coffee table is an impressive piece of furniture.

Signature foosball tables include all the things which are actually available in a coffee table. Materials and elements which are used in this table make it unique.

This foosball table is more suitable for traditional homes than in modern homes. It makes your home more classical and traditional.

The edges of this table are simple and decorated with elegant hand carved. Tempered glass on the surface is compulsory in this foosball tables.

In this table, hand-painted players are distributed in 3-man goalie, which is more user-friendly than 1-man goalie. This table has adjustable leg levers so you can level the playing surface.

In a full-size foosball table, sometimes an inconvenience to the ball returns on located ends of the table. But it should not be a problem in this small foosball table.

Storage space is also available in this table; the shelf is located below the playing field. This table offers only 2 on 2 matches because it comes with 3 on each side, which is so you can play short tournaments.

This foosball table design is 47-5/8 X 20 X 28 inches assembled dimension, and its weight is 75 pounds.

You can put this table either in the gaming room or sitting room. Well, you may put it in the sitting room because during mealtime you can use it as a regular table.

This foosball table is the best option for parents with younger children, and it is also suitable for those who want to play games with guests for entertainment.

  •       Solid wood construction
  •       Elegant hand-carved edge
  •       Solid wood octagonal handles
  •       End ball return
  •       Adjustable leg levers
  •       Wood scoring beads
  • Adjustable leg levers
  • Solid wood octagonal handles
  • Telescoping rods
  • Shelf for storage
  • Built well
  • Not a standard size foosball
  • Only three handles

2.Eastpoint sport foosball coffee table

Foosball Coffee Table

Eastpoint Company is famous for its affordable price and its good quality foosball table. The design of this foosball table is the opposite of Barrington and signature foosball table.

This foosball table is more suitable for modern homes than in traditional homes. It makes your home more modern and stylish.

Eastpoint sport foosball table comes with modern design, and the combination of brown and black color makes it more stylish. And the playing field seems very small in this foosball table because the tabletop is half wooden and half tempered glass.

One thing I like more about this foosball table than signature and Barrington didn’t have; The players in this foosball table are robotic, which is a better style than traditional ones.

6 rods present in this foosball table, 3 on each side are telescopic, and the handles are wooden. This foosball table has a side ball return, which is better than the end-ball return.

Storage space is not available in this foosball table, and this is the negative point of this foosball table because the coffee table has to have enough storage space.

One thing is also annoying in this foosball table. It doesn’t have a hole between the playing surface and tabletop, so if the ball is dead, you will have to the whole table to move the ball.

This foosball coffee table design is 55 X 23 X 20 inches assembled dimension, and its weight is 72.55 pounds.

The Eastpoint sport foosball table is middle between an average foosball table and the best mini foosball table. This foosball table is cheaper than other foosball tables.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Modern design
  • Robotics player
  • Wooden handles
  • Side ball return
  • Wooden handles
  • Telescoping rods
  • Modern design
  • Built well
  • Side ball return
  • Low price
  • Leg levelers are not adjustable
  • Storage space is not available
  • A hole between playing surface and tabletop is absent

3.Barrington 42 inch wooden foosball table

best foosball coffee table

Barrington and Chicago gaming signature coffee tables are very similar in looks. And it is made from wood and metal parts like screws and metal rods.

This coffee table comes with a dark brown finish. It gives this table serious elegance, so it is perfect for your living room. And the best feature of this coffee table is its simplicity; it doesn’t have any special decoration on the edge of the table.

The heat-treated tempered glass present on top of the playing surface to put coffee or beverages on it.

Barrington wooden foosball table comes with hand-painted players. They don’t look like they are made from high-quality material. It also comes with 6 rods present in this foosball table, 3 on each side and it has wooden ergonomic handles for better grip.

The scoring beans are available on top of the table; it gives a nice touch to the tabletop. And storage space is also available in this table; the shelf is located below the playing field. Also, it comes with 2 soccer balls.

Barrington wooden foosball table design is 42 X 28 X 20 inches assembled dimension, and its weight is 102 pounds.And this foosball table is an impressive piece of furniture, its reddish shine is amazing, but it doesn’t seem so good.

Barrington 42 inch foosball table actually looks like a cheaper version of the Chicago gaming signature soccer foosball table. If you want to play football with your family and friends then you can buy this football table.

  •  Solid wood construction
  • Reddish shiny finish
  • wooden ergonomic handles
  • scoring beans
  • Wooden ergonomic handles
  • Great design
  • Shelf for storage
  • Leg levelers are not adjustable
  • Not a standard size foosball
  • Poor build quality

Buying guide:

How to choose the right foosball table?

You can easily choose a foosball table by searching online, but too many brands confuse you. So it is necessary to research the right foosball table before buying it.

Here I tell you a few things about selecting the right foosball table according to your budget.

Why is tempered glass important in a foosball coffee table?

These types of foosball tables have a tempered glass on the tabletop for keeping coffee and beverage. Tempered glass is not ordinary glass. They are harder than other glasses. It keeps your tablet safe.

What about the function of the foosball coffee table?

Every foosball table has its own functionality like Eastpoint sport foosball table comes with robotics player, and Chicago gaming signature foosball table has hand-painted players.

Chicago and Barrington have shelves for storage space, and Eastpoint foosball table doesn’t come with self for storage space. It comes with adjustable leg levellers, and the other two are with fixed legs.

You can also know about more functions of different foosball tables by product review, which we described earlier, and you can buy a foosball table with the function you need.

Are materials used in tables a dealbreaker?

I think you will never purchase a plastic coffee table for your living room because it is not suitable for your living room. It is also true for a foosball table.

The foosball table must be made from solid wood and other quality materials. You can purchase one of them, which we describe earlier because they are bulky, sturdy, and durable and easily fit in your living room.

Do foosball coffee tables fit your house?

Before buying a foosball table, you should consider the color and interior design of your house, your product must match with that.

For example, if your home is classic and traditional, then you should go to Chicago or Barrington foosball table. And if your home is modern, then you should go to the easternmost point foosball table. It also depends on your choice, which type of design you like more.

Is the foosball table suitable for your budget?

The budget is the most important thing to consider before buying anything. Always consider your budget that should not cross your limit. The Foosball tables with high-quality materials are more expensive than other low-quality foosball tables.

But if you don’t worry about money and think about performance, the quality of the table and design. And also, the table is the right foosball table for your home, and then the price will be bi right.

All three foosball coffee tables, which are described earlier, are useful in quality and design. But if you want to purchase a high-quality foosball table, then I would definitely suggest you go for a Chicago gaming signature foosball table. Obviously, the most significant quality costs at the highest price. But if you want to buy a cheaper option, then Barrington 42 inch wooden foosball table and East point sport foosball table are also the right products.

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